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What should you do after smoke damage has occurred?

Written by Ryan Crawford on . Posted in Jobs

Fire and smoke are damaging not only to personal property, but also to the structure of the house. The truth is that few things can compare to the casualty caused by a house fire. House fires can lead to complete losses and the smoke damage is difficult to overcome. But as long as you take immediate action, you can minimize the degree of destruction. Although you may be anxious to clean the home following the fire, you should take the time to get professional advice, otherwise you will waste your efforts. Make sure to contact a professional company and get advice on restoration and replacement of damaged items. If you are looking for a professional company, click to this website matrixremediation.com.

What effects does smoke damage have?

What happens after a fire is that smoke residue settles onto your property. The acid soot permanently discolors the materials, but you still can clean some surfaces to remove it. If not treated in time, the acid soot will begin staining the surfaces. More importantly, hours after the disaster the smoke and fire affect all the surfaces, including furniture and metal. While your furniture and hardwood flooring will require refinishing, the metal begins to rust and ultimately corrodes. Painted walls get a yellow color, not to mention that your clothing will be permanently stained. The longer you wait to resolve this problem, the more expensive the restoration process will be. Eventually, you will be required to replace the property altogether because the structure will become deteriorated.

Call in professionals to clean the smoke damage

Even though you may think that the danger has passed after the firefighters leave, you are wrong. Fire may be the immediate danger, but what it leaves behind is equally troubling. Ash and smoke cause extensive casualties and leave behind powerful odours, reason why you should contact professionals as soon as possible. There are numerous companies that will help you restore the affected areas and the items that have been affected by fire. Besides this, professionals clear up ash residue. But do you really need the help of a professional? You do because in a few weeks the cots for restoration will be very high. All the metal will have to be replaced, the carpet, the furniture, the glass. Etc. What an expert will do is identify the affected materials and of course the source of the odours.

Do not try to cut corners

More often than not, homeowners insist on taking care of the problem themselves in order to save some money. Nonetheless, you will need the expertise of a restoration company since they handle these kinds of issues on a daily basis, not only do you not have professional equipment, but you will not be able to discover all the damaged areas. On the other hand, professionals ensure that your house does not face structural damage and that your home is free from health risks. So, make sure to listen to the recommendations of the experts and protect you family and your home.