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What is there to know about home care services for Indigenous Australians?

Written by Ryan Crawford on . Posted in NASWE

If you are interested in finding more information about Aboriginal community services, you can do some quick research online. Sites such as ddacl.org.au provide useful information about Aboriginals. Some of these organizations offer health services, but they also host social and community programs

How are home care services useful for Indigenous Australians?

There are a range of programs developed to help Indigenous Australians through home care services. The caretakers do regular visits to the clients and give them a hand in housekeeping activities, cooking, or even go shopping for them. The elders benefit from personal care services and in this way, their work is eased. Whether it is about an indoor or an outdoor activity, one of the assistants from these organizations comes and takes care of it, and help maintain the house in good condition.


What other social and community programs exist for Indigenous Australians?

Programs and special activities  for Indigenous Australians are included into organizations’ that are focused on health, mental well-being and aid programs. These activities help them improve their health and overall mental well-being.  Also, programs such as emergency relief  offer assistance to Indigenous Australians who are in need, like financial counselling. It is specifically designed to help them understand better financial matters, and how to manage their finances.

To know more about these programs, visit ddacl.org.au for more information.