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The pros of hiring promotional models

Written by Ryan Crawford on . Posted in Jobs


The main goal of any business that is participating at a trade show is to boost leads and of course to get response from attendees. If you are truly intent on building a brand and generating more interest in your products or services, then you should consider hiring promotional models. Contrary to popular opinion, promotional models are not just beautiful women in bikinis. If you visit dreamsagency.co.uk, you will see that promotional models are rather persons that have a pretty face and a warm attitude. Their role is to improve the overall audience experience. Therefore, hiring one is a smart choice and here is why.

Taking care of first impressions

The truth is that first impressions can either make or break the success of the trade show. The reason for this is that those who attend the event are often required to make a quick decision and choose a brand to interact with. Taking into consideration that you only have one chance when it comes to making a first impression, you better make sure it is a good one. To set the tone of the event, use promotional models. A pretty face is always useful when you are striving to compete for the attention of the public, especially when you are hoping to attract a large client. The biggest mistake that you can make is rely exclusively on social media to get your message out. By simply adding a spokesmodel you have the ability to make attendees feel more relaxed and you can even convince them to learn more about the product.

Making the business more appealing  

Promotional models are similar to brand ambassadors in the sense that they present your company in a goof light. When assigning someone the task of representing your company, make sure to leave it to someone who is able to capture the market segment that you are targeting. Promo models are not only attractive, but they are also very skilled at advertising virtually anything. In other words, they understand the ins and outs of the company, probably better than the employees. With the help of their bright smiles and youthful spirit, promo models transmit positivity.

Lower costs

As astonishing as it may sound, using promotional models is actually cheaper compared to using in-house staff. Overall, using in-house staff is highly expensive, especially if you have invested in marketing strategies as well. The good news is that promotional models are cheap owing to the fact that they are local. Not only is it cheaper, but it will also allow you to consolidate all your efforts. In addition to this, hiring locally provides you the opportunity of capturing the local market. This means that the models will have a good understanding of how locals act and behave. Sending out regular employees will no help you very much because they are oblivious when it comes to the market.

For the above mentioned reasons, you should not waste another second and hire promotional models for your trade show.