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The most popular resorts of Riviera Maya

Written by Ryan Crawford on . Posted in NASWE

It is well known that the Caribbean spirit is extremely welcoming and joyful, and this is something you will be able to experience as soon as you reach Riviera Maya. Mexico has one of the richest cultures in the world, and this can be seen on all its streets and public places. Riviera Maya is no exception, hence its name. This coastline is sprinkled with ancient Mayan elements, which get along perfectly with the luxurious resorts and facilities that have been built for tourists. The region has always had a great commercial importance, which has reached its peak during modern times, mostly due to tourism. Here are three of the most popular resorts that you should visit during your Riviera Maya vacations:


Cancun is definitely the most popular resort in the area, although its beauty is often equaled by the other resorts. The city is divided in two parts, one dedicated to tourists and another to locals: while the first one has a number of facilities and hotels, the second is that one you should visit if you want to get the genuine Mexican spirit. Once you land, you will be able to see the most diverse human crowd ever: explorers wearing comfortable clothes, fashionable individuals looking for luxurious journey or sportsmen looking for adventures. The city has been conquered by variety, especially in the past decades, when the authorities have decided to invest in tourism in the region. The attractions are also very diverse: underwater museum, Mayan ancient remains, modern waterparks and so on.



Tulum is maybe one of the smallest and most peaceful places you will find near Riviera Maya. The village lies along the main road in the region, between the Natural reservation and the Caribbean Sea and consists in the National Park Quintana Roo and the Sian Ka’an biosphere. The whole area is actually amazing, being a corner of unspoiled paradise. You can go on jungle tours or visit the archeological site of Tulum, one of the most impressive and popular in the world – a Maya ruin that has kept its mystery and beauty over the years.


Playa del Carmen

If you are looking for a more peaceful place, yet as beautiful as Cancun, then Playa del Carment is exactly the destination you need. This smaller city offers plenty of entertainment alternatives, as well as relaxing beaches with powdery sands and turquoise waters. Even if years ago, the place only had one main road, it has evolved and managed to become a common tourist destination, with numberless bars, clubs, restaurants, facilities, hotels and shops.