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The main areas of physiotherapy

Written by Ryan Crawford on . Posted in NASWE

Physiotherapy is a health care practice, aiming to recover movement impairments and other disabilities related to mobility of the body. It is a wide domain, which is why many people are confused regarding its purpose and the category of patients who can benefit from it. Since the nineteenth century, when it appeared as an alternative to medical treatment, physio in Ottawa has become more and more popular, and there are many areas in which it can be used, depending on the disease, age of the patient or type of activity. As a consequence of the evolution of technology, the method id nowadays performed using modern techniques and late hour equipment. The benefits of this practice are also multiple: it treats different diseases, eliminates pain, prevents muscular injuries and contributes to physical recovery, especially for sportsmen or those who were involved in any type of accident. When used correctly, by professionally trained therapists, this method can definitely change your life quality and improve your health. Basically, physiotherapy can be used to cure conditions belonging to three main fields: musculoskeletal, cardio-respiratory and neurology.

The musculoskeletal problems consist in injuries of the bones, muscles and joints of the human body. The most common conditions are neck, back or shoulder injuries, arthritis, post-operative procedures, damage of joints, or stiffness caused by pain or other factors. Many of the practices offering physiotherapy services focus on this field, and is often called also orthopedics. The cardio-respiratory area is related to disorders of the circulatory system or lungs, and the recovery is recommended after cardiac or pulmonary surgeries. The symptoms are usually attacks of chest congestion or heavy breathing. As far as neurology is concerned, physiotherapy is focusing on people suffering from mental disorders, such as stroke, ALS, chronic pains, sclerosis or even Alzheimer or Parkinson. These diseases can deteriorate the vision, equilibrium, ambulation or movement and even the independence of the individuals. The treatment can ameliorate pain and recover the functions of the body, and is often referred to as “neurological rehabilitation”. An additional filed where physiotherapy is frequently used is the pediatric area. This refers to detecting early health problems, and the therapists are recommended to have a double specialization.


Each of these categories varies according to a series of elements, such as the age or gender of the patients. The largest number of patients belongs to the adults, consisting also in teenagers, which may have specific needs, which must be dealt with in particular ways. For every main area, there are further sub-categories. Physiotherapy for sportsmen is one of the many particular branches, and often requires a customized program and the assistance of the personal physical coach of the individual. If you are looking for Ottawa physio services, the best thing to do is to contact a private practice: these have trained professionals specialized on any field and use late hour technology, so the results are granted.