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The advantages of key worker mortgages

Written by Ryan Crawford on . Posted in Jobs

Key worker mortgages have been introduced with success by the British government in 2004 when social and public workers no longer afforded houses in zones of interest close to their offices. The purpose of the programme was to retain key workers operating in the public sector in the areas where housing costs are high. Therefore, social workers in the UK have the opportunity to get special mortgages and afford a house in the most expensive zones of their cities, enabling them to be on call 24/7 without straining themselves too much. Currently, the key workers mortgages have not been introduced in Canada, although the rationale behind affordable housing is good both for the economy and the environment. Ottawa mortgage advisors have other advantageous options and alternatives for social workers in Canada. Without a mortgage solution, social workers that have a relatively low income will not be able to afford housing in cities like Toronto and Ottawa and end up seeking housing further away from the city. There are many reasons why the introduction of special mortgage for social workers will improve the situation for the social system in Canada.

First of all, with the possibility of affording housing in the central city, many young people will be encouraged to follow their dream and become social workers. Lack of personnel has always been a problem in this domain, because of the great responsibilities and low pay. Even though praiseworthy, doing this job your whole life is a challenge. More than that, the satisfaction of helping others is greater than the monetary gain, which means that those thinking about a stable future do not have this job as the first pick. Therefore, any form of encouragement and support is welcomed, as it will give social workers the hope for a better future and increase the number of people devoting their lives to helping others. Another reason why keyworkers mortgage is a great idea is the fact that it will allow social workers to live near their offices. Considering the fact that this job involves working with victims of abuse that are constantly requiring support and attention, you need to be close to your work in case of emergencies, not to mention that you will also need to save money on transportation.


Until other governments decide to follow the example of England and introduce key workers mortgages, social workers from other parts of the world have to settle with regular mortgages. This is not necessarily bad news, because there are certain mortgage brokers that offer truly great mortgage options for public workers despite the low income. If you wish to take out a loan for a house, you can start by choosing the right broker, because he will find you the most advantageous mortgage option available. Reliable Ottawa mortgage advisors can help you choose favorable mortgages until a governmental supported programme will finally appear in Canada as well.