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Steps you should follow before buying a used car

Written by Ryan Crawford on . Posted in Jobs

In modern times having a car is a must for everyone, it is easier to use your own car when going in a trip or in your daily tasks. If you just took you driving license you may want to buy a car. Now is the moment to buy the one you are dreaming of since you were a child. If the main reason of not having a car yet is because you tried to get money for purchasing it but you just didn’t save enough, you should look for used cars Ireland. But before searching the car you want you should take into account the following steps in buying a used car.


How much you can spend on buying a car 

Before purchasing the car you want you should take into account the amount of money you want to spend, and to make a commitment to not cross the budget firstly established. You should shop for your car with your head not with your heart, work out a loan and calculate the maximum monthly payment. Do not spend all of your money on buying the car because you have to consider the costs of title, tax, registration and insurance for it. All these costs will represent roughly 10 per cent of the car price.


Look for the right car

In the process of buying a car the biggest mistake made by the buyers is made by the research of the right car. It is important to buy the car that best suits your requirements and needs. Decide what things you need your car to do like be easy to park, go off-road and see if the car you admire has the things you are searching for. A car from a less known manufacturer can cost less than a very popular one, and they still are good cars. Choose at least two different cars that fit your budget and have your requirements.

If you will buy a car on an impulse you won’t check the vehicle before, or you will check it in not proper conditions like darkness or rain.


Test and inspect the car 

First step to be made when you found the car you want is to test it and find if it is in a good condition. During a test drive simulate the conditions of your normal driving patterns. After that ask the dealer to give you the service records and if the car was in a serious accident avoid buying it. Also an important step to be made is to have the car inspected by your own mechanic.


Negotiate the price  

In the negotiating process the first step is to make an opening offer that is lower than the amount of money you want to spend on buying a car, and keep in mind how high the limit of your budget is. Use patience as a tool in negotiation and walk out, sometimes leaving can press the dealer to seal the deal.


Following these simple steps can help you as a buyer to choose the best car, that suits you needs. After you bought it do not forget to transfer the ownership and finally after that you can call yourself the happy owner of your first car.