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  • Social workers have a very important role in our society, and they can come to our aid for various problems and issues. Find out here what attributes and characteristics a social worker must have, how and when you can benefit from their help, and what the extent to which they can help us is.

Social work and the importance of awareness campaigns

Written by Ryan Crawford on . Posted in NASWE

Social work is a profession that aims to improve the quality of life of individuals, families, groups and communities through a series of direct and indirect practices such as research and crisis intervention. You can say that social work is a very broad profession that includes a variety of activities. Social works are the real heroes of our century, because they work closely with people affected by social disadvantages such as disability, poverty, abuse and so on. However, helping others to help themselves is not only about being on the field. Pursuing social justice is also about shifting mentalities and going to the root of the problem to eliminate it, which means that the ultimate goal of a social worker is to change our society and make it impossible for marginalized individuals or communities to emerge in the future.  This ideal can be achieved through awareness campaigns. Generally, social workers with the help of professional promotional staff organize fundraising events for people affected by poverty or call for a collective action combating discrimination. The importance of these campaigns and events is undeniable, considering the fact that only by being aware of the problems that do not necessarily affect us, but surround us; we can do something about it.


Should social workers act as event staff?


When organizing an event, irrespective of its purpose or magnitude, event staffing is essential. Events staff members are not only experienced in organizing campaigns, they are also skillful in engaging the audience, so the potential of a team of professionals is by far greater than you can imagine. Despite the fact that social workers are used to working with people, they are generally not used to stand in front of a large audience. If you need to organize an event, but lack funding, you should still look for professional events staff, because you might find an agency with staff members ready to act as volunteers. Social work is something that should concern all of us. Unfortunately, people are not always interested in listening to what a social worker has to say. However, a promotional team will know exactly how to attract the attention and interest of the audience and leave a lasting impression.


How successful are awareness campaigns?


The success of an awareness campaign largely depends on the ability of the people organizing the event. Coming up with an event idea that will pique the interest and move the hearts of the audience is not an easy thing. You will need  experience and great communication skills to be able to come up with a message that will move the masses. This is why professional help is required and event staff needs to work closely with social workers to create a beautiful and moving campaign that will make people pay more attention to others. These campaigns slowly, but surely trigger mentality shifts, which are essential to overcome social problems.