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New vs. used handgun – what to choose?

Written by Ryan Crawford on . Posted in Family

In the past years, the number of people who decided to buy their first handguns has significantly increased and one of the most common reasons why they wanted to have a firearm in the first place was because they wanted to feel safer and more secure in and around their homes. Over the years, many people have reported having their houses broken into in the middle of the night, sometimes when they were sleeping and for this reason, they resorted to looking for the best pistols available on the market and protect their lives and their family from intruders. But what would you choose between a new and a used firearm?

New handgun

If you have already decided you need a handgun, you probably have a specific model in your mind that you want to search for in stores and learn more about, but you also have to decide whether you should buy a new or a used one. One great advantage of buying new firearms is that you can be sure no one else has used the gun before you and there is no chance for it not to work properly. Moreover, you can rest assure all the papers are in order and in accordance with the laws, since it is you who has to deal with this aspect and fill in all the papers in due time. However, one great disadvantage of resorting to new pistols is related to the price, because you have to expect spending a great deal of money on it. The price can definitely be a drawback for people who simply cannot afford spending too much money on things like firearms.

Used handgun  

On the other hand, in case you do not have enough money to spend on a new pistol, you can always resort to buying a used one, since there are several advantages in this case as well. You can get a better quality firearm for the same amount of money you would have spent on a new one, which is definitely a great benefit. The market is plentiful in providing used handguns, so all you have to do is some research in order to select the right one that best matches both your needs and budget. It is true that most people feel reticent when it comes to buying a used gun, because they think that they buy “someone else’s problems” and it might not work properly after a short period, but if you pay great attention to every detail when purchasing it, you can avoid this fuss and stress. It is recommended to ask someone who has vast knowledge in the domain to come with you when you are about to buy a used gun in order to offer you proper advice and help you make the right choice. It is worth mentioning that many firearms manufacturers provide lifetime warranty certificates on the guns they sell, and even though you buy a used gun, you can still benefit from that warranty, so you do not have to worry about this aspect.