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How to define your personal style

Written by Ryan Crawford on . Posted in NASWE

Every woman will agree with the fact that finding your personal style is not at all easy. On the contrary, it can be defined as a struggle. Women live in a world full of information where they have access to fashion magazines and they can see runway shows, they do not know what to do it. It can be said that they are exposed to too much news. What women ultimately do is adapt without maintaining a personal style, which is a huge mistake. Every woman look strikingly similar to the next and no one has an authentic style. Undoubtedly, it is important to seek inspiration from a shop Alice Mccall, but you should not copy every look that you encounter. If you really want a look that speaks for you, you should take into account the following tips.

Get to know yourself  

Celebrities like Audrey Hepburn enjoyed success because they accentuated their individuality. Taking into consideration that a fashion style is an extension of yourself, you have to make an effort to know who you are. If you are not capable of understanding what is “you”, you should not attempt to go shopping. You will only waste money on pieces of clothing that have nothing to do with your sense of fashion. It is not necessary to take an online quiz in order to determine what fashion personality you have. You have to thoroughly analyze your likes and dislikes. Equally important is to determine what kind of person you want to be in the future. This is what personal style is all about.

Scrutinize your closet and start cleaning out

Before buying new pieces it is important to take a close look at the ones you already have. If you have nothing else but t-shirts in your closet, you should dispose of them and start afresh. Of course, you can keep some tees to wear around the house, but they should not take up your entire closet. For other pieces of clothing, you have to consider if it is really worth keeping them. Take a moment to think why you liked them in the first place r if they are even flattering. During the cleaning process, you can do whatever you want with your clothing. You can give them away to family members or donate them to someone that really needs them, the point is that they should be gone from your closet.

Seeking inspiration

You should know that it is very important to select your sources of inspiration. Modern celebrities will not necessarily provide you looks you want to copy and they may not be the example you need. If you want inspiration from celebrities, try looking at what fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn or Marylyn Monroe used to wear. Another place you should be looking for inspiration is the runway. You will find many garments that you can incorporate into your everyday outfit.

Find your signature piece

No personal style is complete without a signature piece. Audrey Hepburn chis something that made her feel comfortable and chic, namely ballet flats. Find a piece that you can wear all the time and that screams “you”. It can be anything from a pair of sunglasses to a certain color.