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Fighting Depression without Using Medication

Written by Ryan Crawford on . Posted in Family

Depression is a great problem because of the series of problems it can lead to. If not handled carefully, depression can lead to suicidal thoughts and the person can also put other people in danger. The affected person may also take solace in substance abuse, the outcome of which is never palatable. So, the earlier you deal with depression properly the better for you.  In this write-up, we will talk about holistic methods to overcome drug addiction without ever using medications. This may sound impossible to you, but you will be convinced of the possibility by the time you finish reading this piece.

Common symptoms of depression 

  • Diminished pleasure of all previously enjoyable activities
  • Depressed mood, like hopelessness, emptiness or sadness
  • Hypersomnia or insomnia occurring almost every day
  • Change in body weight above 5% per month when you are not dieting
  • Frequent loss of energy or fatigue despite not engaging in strenuous activities
  • Psychomotor changes observable by others
  • Diminished thinking, ability or inability to concentrate
  • Indecisiveness
  • Feeling of inappropriate guilt or worthlessness.
  • Recurring thoughts of suicide or death   

Next, we will mention some medication-free methods to put depression under control

Meditation and mindfulness

Meditation can keep you focused for long and help you calm down. It can, therefore, treat some of the symptoms of depression, thereby helping you to snap out of it fast.  Studies have shown that engaging in just 30 minutes of meditation can elevate the mood better than substance abuse. Regular meditation can make you feel good and excited enough to have no need for antidepressant drugs

Fellowship with nature

Going out for a walk in the park in evenings can elevate your mood like nothing else will.  The cleanness of nature can play tricks on the human mind and cause an indescribable modification of the thought process. The fresh air and scent of flowers streaming through the nostrils can also stimulate the production of “feel good” hormones that will automatically elevate your mood.


You can banish depression for life by observing a regular regimen of exercises. BDNF is a substance responsible for increasing neuronal connectivity and it is produced at a higher concentration following a short burst of vigorous exercise.


 If you are looking for holistic ways to maintain a good mental health, you should consider any or all of the natural methods mentioned above. Additionally, you can consider diet change and start including protein, healthy fat, spices, herbs and nutrient-dense veggies in your daily meals.