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  • Social workers have a very important role in our society, and they can come to our aid for various problems and issues. Find out here what attributes and characteristics a social worker must have, how and when you can benefit from their help, and what the extent to which they can help us is.

Define Social Worker Skills

Written by Ryan Crawford on . Posted in NASWE

If you are interested in a career as a social worker, you first need to define social worker skills. Social work is a field which seeks to improve the standard of living of a person or a group of people. It can be done by using various tools such as research, direct practice, community organization, politics, teaching and so on. This type of work is usually aimed at helping people who have had their civil or human rights violated.

As a discipline, social work includes theories from different fields such as economics, law, medicine, philosophy, psychology and so on. Basically any theory or idea which can be applied in order to improve the life quality of a person or a community, can be used as a social work tool. Needless to say, that in order to practice social work, you need to have or obtain certain skills. Lets see how we can define social worker skills.

1. Observation, self awareness and critical thinking

This 3 skills are closely linked to each other and they are essential in the life of a social worker. In order to be able to solve a social injustice, you must use your senses and your knowledge in order to see it. You must also have a good understanding of the civil and human rights in order to understand whether or not they are being violated. Furthermore, as a social worker, you need to grasp the concept of self awareness. It is essential to understand that you are an unique individual with a lot of skills and motivation and you can make a big difference in the world. You must also have a critical thinking in order to know how to interpret the data you gather through observation and how to analyze the value of the changes that you can make once you realize your full potential.

2. Communication

Although a person can make a big difference, the life of a social worker can be a lot easier and more productive if he has good writing and verbal communications skills. These skills can help you raise awareness on an issue and they can also help you negotiate and implement social solutions. The job of a social worker consists in advocating the human and civil rights, therefore it is essential to communicate efficiently in order to share your ideas and convictions

3. Social involvement and problem solving

As a social worker, it is very important to be opened and enthusiastic when getting involved in various projects. You must leave your comfort zone and start making a difference in a society. Furthermore, when you are dealing with social issues you need to be creative in order to solve those problems. It is also important to implement a problem solving attitude to the rest of the community.

It is very hard to define social worker skills and this subject requires a lot more attention that it is being given. Aside from the skills presented above, a social worker must always try to learn new skills, depending on the situations which he/she encounters. Basically, every skill which can improve the standard of living or a person or a community, can be considered a social working skill.

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