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Decoration ideas for election campaigns

Written by Ryan Crawford on . Posted in Jobs

The fact that politicians go great lengths to attract voters is no longer a secret. However, while most people imagine that their actions focus mainly on speech-writing, charitable actions and legislation promises, it should also be known that marketing teams pay a lot of attention to details as well. When a certain candidate holds evens such as press conferences or dinner parties, decoration is not dealt with at random. On the contrary, teams of dozens of people work on it with weeks in advance, making sure to create beautiful plans and implement them flawlessly. They order clearance ribbons, special tableware, customised invitations and many other objects that might look simple, but which in fact aim to promote the political figure. In addition, they spend hours thinking where to place and arrange them, so as to trigger a positive reaction from participants.


Every party has its symbols and colours and what better way to promote them than by incorporating them into decoration objects? For example, it’s not uncommon to decorate tables and table cloths with ribbons in the colours of the party or have elegant handkerchiefs with its symbol? It goes without saying that the bigger the event, the more funds will be allocated to buying the right decorations. There are many options to choose from, some of the most popular examples being balloons, flower arrangements, hanging swirls and little paper flags. Those who don’t have a huge budget at their disposal generally choose paper decorations, because they are cheaper, but others spare no expense and choose expensive materials such as ribbons. Some candidates even give away cakes in the colours of the party. These might not be decorations, but they definitely make a lasting impression. When hosting election parties, the greatest mistake that organisers can make is to neglect guests. Having expensive banners and ribbons is no use if guest chair decorations are cheap and low quality. For best results, you should remember to work with a professional supplier of election decorations.

Politicians should be aware of the importance of details and never underestimate the power that they can have on voters. Needless to say, there are numerous ways of mixing and matching items to create interesting visual effects. Some politicians even go as far as to hire an entire team just to deal with decorations – especially the politicians who run for high positions such as state senator or even president. At first sight, all these decorations might not seem that expensive, but they actually are and an election campaign can cost a lot of money, because parties and other events often have to be organised all across the state or across the country. Politicians usually have teams working for them and behind a seemingly simple event there are hours of research, planning and, of course, a lot of money. The demand for special election decorations is so high that many companies have made this category a permanent section on their websites and they even have special offers for independent politicians or political parties.