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Bringing people together with Indian dance classes

Written by Ryan Crawford on . Posted in NASWE

In the career of a social worker, there comes a time when problems and issues between people require a different type of solution or a more out of the box manner of resolving. When the conflicts or issues are not that deep and pronounced, but can still pose a threat to the future, there is no better option than to recommend a type of mediation which is not what the individuals have tried before. By doing so, the social worker ensures that he or she can advise a course of action outside the current borders or comfort zone of the individuals seeking help, encouraging them to try something totally new and perhaps more efficient than everything they have experienced until then. It is the role and mission of any expert in this field of activity to guide anyone who wants assistance and provide the most effective, as well as suitable, solutions for that particular case. But no one said these solutions cannot be creative, ingenious and extremely original. As a matter of fact, it is advisable to try out these options rather than the usual ones, since the latter have obviously not rendered any positive result. This is precisely why bringing people together and solving conflicts at work, home or in any other social environment, cannot be complete without a greatly innovative and outstanding course of action, such as the professional Indian dance classes! Are you curious to know why? Just keep reading this article and you will immediately be presented all the reasons behind this atypical choice.

The key is to ending any confrontation or establishing balance in any type of structure is to engage the members of that community and allow them to take part in an activity together. This will force them to act in unison, diminishing the existing conflicts and keeping the formation of new ones to a minimum. Furthermore, participating in fun and engaging activities will be good for the persons in question as individuals too, because it will help them release all the tensions of everyday life and get a new, broader look on things. That is why Indian dance classes are extremely suitable and should be recommended by all social workers when their options have run out and they feel they have nothing else to do to help those seeking their guidance. They allow the class members to get a taste of Bollywood and lose themselves in the extravagance of a totally different world and culture. Trying out new choreographies and being a part in the process of learning how to dance will surely bring out the best in any participant.


The bottom line is that feeling such a different tradition firsthand and experiencing the faraway India customs is just what some persons need to overcome a rough patch in their life or solve a conflict with coworkers in a peaceful and artistic manner. By working together and learning something new in the meantime, we can all improve our lives and have a better chance at reaching a state of social balance with those around us.